What You Get from Volunteering

The first thing I did when I arrived in Buenos Aires last Sunday was picking up a bunch of flyers of the Cancer Foundation (FUCA) so that I could hand them out during my visit to Expo La Rural in Palermo. The second thing I did when I entered the Expo was getting a sample of the Braford Magazine, where I was asked to write an article. Volunteer work. My husband and many others asked me that Sunday, “when do you do all these stuff?”

Volunteering in Southamerica does not imply interpreting war refugees or translating for the UN. Besides, we all speak Spanish variations so, basically, what we do is spending a little time during the week helping others, for instance, serving food at a community kitchen or attracting contributions for a foundation. Though volunteering is not tough here as it may be now in Europe, still it’s not for everybody. The rule is that if you’ve tried once and you loved it, you won’t stop doing it!

However, the more you give, the more you get. What do I mean?84e5ac7060b5c838bb09c27a7b0aef40

You become part of a social change. People watch what you do and I strongly believe that good habits are also transmitted to others. And that’s only the beginning. Your apparently small contribution at the end has a social impact.

You practice empathy. While developing social awareness, you also feel the need and you commit yourself to improving the current reality. You start developing and incorporating to your life concepts like charity, comprehension, social inclusion, sensitiveness, human rights, justice, and thankfulness.

You improve your self-esteem and life perspective. Whenever you do a volunteer work, you stop thinking about yourself. However, as you meet other people and other realities, you are able to appreciate and value your own life, profession, family, body condition, etc.

You definitely boost your career. If you are already working for a company, you should know that they appreciate values like social commitment and solidarity. If you are independent or unemployed, most of the times you end up working for the people you’ve volunteered with or for someone connected to them.

Finally, you may say you are very busy to volunteer, but you may start at home by sharing posts, for instance, you don’t have to wait until something related to your profession appears either. One day I was collecting some information about Breast Cancer for my mom blog, and the next day I was volunteering for FUCA. It depends on you and one single action.


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